Billy Pontius-September 24th

“We were getting ready to cut beans and the wind picked up the auger, threw it on the ground and totaled it. So yesterday I had to go get another auger to cut beans. Then my draper head wasn’t adjusting the way it should. There was a loose wire in the electronics and we haven’t started at all on beans. Hopefully we’re going to start beans in about an hour.

“I have about 400 or 500 acres of beans that are ready now and they should run pretty smoothly. We hit the corn pretty hard so far and we have quite a bit done. The wind didn’t hurt the corn at all.

“The corn has been better than I thought. The black dirt is OK. On some of my hill ground, there has been some corn in it where I thought there wouldn’t be anything. I haven’t figured everything out yet, but we’re between 100 and 110 bushels dry for an average. I am happy that it hit 100 considering the weather this summer. The moisture has been from 18% to 20% for most of it. Some of the better corn has been 21%. You can see 150-bushel corn in the wet spots that would have no corn in a wet year.

“It’s going to be an early harvest. Things are moving right along this year, but yields aren’t there. I don’t think the aflatoxin is that big of a deal in the fields, but putting corn in the bin at 17% or 18% is a big no-no because there is potential for problems to develop. I have heard about some problems but we haven’t had any yet. What little corn we have is beautiful. You see more problems along tree lines where deer or birds get in and open the husks.”


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