DuPont Pioneer Advances New Soybean Varieties for 2013 Planting

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

New soybean varieties from DuPont Pioneer face the toughest challenge in the final year of research testing. During this research stage, soybean varieties are placed in IMPACT™ (Intensively Managed Product Advancement Characterization and Training) trials on growers’ farms to ensure product performance is up to the high standards set by Pioneer. Recently, 34 Pioneer® brand soybean varieties passed final scrutiny from the Pioneer research and development, field sales and agronomy technology service teams and will be commercially available to producers for planting in 2013. Of the 34 new varieties, 10 are specifically for Ohio producers.

“The research effort is pretty extensive”, said DuPont Pioneer Agronomy Research Manager Kirk Reese. “In Ohio, we have about 48 IMPACT locations and of those locations there are about 150 experiments. So, when we test a product at the pre-commercial stage to decide to release it for planting, we are looking at about 3000 to 4000 test plots prior to the release of a new variety.”

As you might expect with new varieties from DuPont Pioneer, there are many things that bring seed technology to a new level.

“In Ohio we battle phytophthora root rot on a consistent basis year in and year out,” said Reese. “We are going to offer a couple of new stack trait phytophthora gene varieties so now we have varieties with two specific genes for phytophthora root rot. That gives us an enhanced level of protection against something that affects most of us in Ohio.”

According to DuPont Pioneer, the 2013 class of Pioneer soybean varieties is a solid group of products with performance packages of agronomic and defensive traits that provide choices to match the right product with the right acre.

Listen to more comments from Reese about the new DuPont Pioneer soybean varieties.

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