Jim Herring- September 10

“I would expect that we will be in the fields in a week or 10 days. We plan to start with the beans and do most of our beans before corn. It looks like the hybrids are standing pretty well. The corn moisture is still in the mid to high 20% range. If we do start seeing issues with the stalks or the ears, we’ll switch to corn sooner. I don’t expect ear molds to be much of a problem because it has been so dry.”

Harvest has gotten started on a few farms in the area, but has been very limited so far. “Some of the guys that had early beans out are running and the fields with early corn hybrids that were planted early have been harvested too.”

The hurricane remnants that reached Ohio provided some long-overdue rains. “We got close to 2.5 inches this week, but I think it was too late to do much good. It could help some of the late beans. Of course, the corn is pretty well done at this point. It would have been nice to have that big rain a month ago. It would have made a big difference.

“I am still feeling pretty optimistic about our yields. I think we could have some surprisingly good yields for the conditions we had. We’ll find out here in the next couple of weeks.”

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