Mark Dowden-September 10

“We’re planning on getting out and harvesting next week. It is pretty dry, so any rain this weekend will soak in pretty quickly. There really aren’t any beans ready yet, so anybody who is out next week will be in corn.

“I think it would be wise this year to keep the harvest moving before the corn falls down. I did talk to the grain buyer over at Greenville yesterday and they haven’t had any quality problems yet with toxins. Rain could start causing quality problems though.

“The corn moisture is getting down there. It is anywhere between 20% and 30% moisture and that was within 100 feet. I have a contract in early September and they are down to no drying costs and only half shrink up to 25%. If you have any concerns about toxins or standability, that is the way to go. Just get it out of there.

We got 1.3 inches out of the hurricane last week and it is dry again. We are basically back to right where we were, but I think we may have gotten a few more bushels of beans. Most of our beans are starting to turn, though, so I don’t think it did much good.

For now, we don’t need much rain until we plant wheat here in a month. I think we will put out the same wheat acres that we have been. Wheat is not too bad right now. You can make some money on wheat. We sell the straw and that really helps. We need a place sometimes to put manure in the summer so it is good for that too.

In two weeks we should definitely have some yields to report.”

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