Mark Dowden-September 24th

“We’ve been shelling corn. Our combine broke down last week on Monday morning and we didn’t get it back until Saturday morning, so we had a whole week off. We started in some of the driest gravelly ground and we were averaging 75-bushel corn. We’re on some better ground now and we’re averaging right at 100 bushels. I still think we’re going to get closer to that 125-bushel corn or better as we get through the season.

“We had pretty strong winds that took some limbs out of trees, but so far the corn survived it. We also had an inch and a half to two inches of rain Friday night. We haven’t found any quality problems in the corn yet. We are maybe 10% done with corn. We lost a lot of ground with not being able to run last week. We’re going to finish up around Urbana and then move back home and probably switch to soybeans. I talked to a couple of neighbors and one has run 400 or 500 acres of beans and is averaging 55 bushels. The other neighbor is basically done with beans and they are averaging 50 bushels.

“We’re around 20% moisture on the corn. We hauled some straight into town already and took some home and dried it. I’ve shelled corn anywhere from 0 to 250 plus and you don’t have to go very far to see that difference. We’ve got hydraulic deck plates and we can adjust it on the go. We can open it up when we have good crops and then close it back up when we get to the nubbins on the knolls. The test weight is phenomenal. We took a load in at 21% and it was 59 test weight. Anything that we’ve dried is getting up to 61 on test weight. It is heavy corn and pretty corn. It is bright orange and looks good.“

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