Mark Thomas-September 10

“We got about 100 acres of silage off and it is actually a little wetter than we’d like. But we’re averaging 25 tons to the acre with plenty of grain, so I feel pretty good about what is coming off the fields. We plant a heavy population and it did really well with the dry weather. We chop about 250 acres of silage-specific corn. I actually think we may not even need all of it. Another three or four good days of running and I think we’ll have it.

“As soon as we get done with corn silage, we’ll mow that fifth cutting down for alfalfa and a fourth cutting for sudangrass. If we continue to get rain and a little sunshine, we’ll be OK and we can stock up some forage. The more we can put in the bank, the easier it will be next year. I normally like to be able to feed the previous year’s feed all the way into January and that will not happen this year. But, with the heat, the new corn silage has fermented fast.

“I think we’ll see guys shelling corn next week. We might see some standability problems in the corn as we get into harvest. But, so far, we haven’t seen the problems in the silage corn. I think the quality of these hybrids will keep them standing.

“I have been out looking at the double-crop beans we planted. It was risky to do that this year, but I think in the end we’ll be glad we did it.

“This has not been an easy time for dairies, but I am glad we at least have a decent crop. Drink lots of milk, eats lots of ice cream and have a safe harvest.”

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