Mark Thomas-September 24th

“I’m cutting the third cutting of sudangrass now, it is three feet tall. I was worried about frost last night but it only got down to 36 degrees or so. The fifth cutting of hay is done and, though some of the cuttings weren’t great, overall we are OK. We may still get around to a sixth cutting. We got done with silage and that was fantastic, but we haven’t harvested any other corn or soybeans yet.

“We’re going to have to get after harvesting our corn, though, because even in the silage we saw that we could knock ears off pretty easily. I would say around 10% or 20% of the corn and beans are harvested in the area.

“Everybody so far has been pleasantly surprised with what they have found. I haven’t heard any horror stories in my immediate area. It is not going to be great, but there are still a lot of fields that are better than they thought. I haven’t heard of anything worse than what they expected.

“We were in a pocket that caught some moisture. By the time we get done right around here, I think we’ll average around 150 bushels for corn and 40s or 50s for beans. Just a few miles away, though, I think things won’t be that good.

“The only issue I saw in our corn silage was a blight. One field had brown dust that really stuck in the screen of the chopper and it left a haze in the air. I hope that is not a problem when we go to feed the silage. But, other than that, I have not seen signs of problems.”

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