Billy Pontius-October 22nd

Harvest has wrapped up for 2013. “Corn and soybean harvest has finished up on the farm. Soybean yields are in the mid-50s and corn is going to end up right around 100, which is pretty much what we thought it would be. I was a really happy with the soybean yields we had this year.“

Considering the extremely challenging conditions on the farm — most notably the lack of rainfall — the harvest went pretty well. “I was surprised that the corn held up as well as it did. We really did not see many problems with the ears falling off or standability. I am really pleased with my beans. The beans died off early then started to green back up when it started raining. There are some beans shattering on the hills, but it really was not that big of a deal.”

With harvest completed, the focus on the farm has turned to other autumn tasks. “We’re working on tile right now, spreading fertilizer, some fall tillage and a little bit of everything. Things are really busy right now, but it looks like we will have a nice week of weather to get things done before the weather gets bad.”

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