Ethanol industry boosts Ohio’s economy

The Ohio ethanol industry released the results of an economic impact study today showing that the ethanol industry has supported more than 13,000 jobs and invested $2.8 billion in the state since 2008 through the construction and operation of ethanol facilities. The study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University’s Extension Community Development Office, is the first detailed look at Ohio ethanol operations since the state’s six plants became operational in 2008.

The study found that each year ethanol operations in Ohio produce an estimated $433 million in economic output and generate an additional $103 million in direct income for Ohio households. While the chemical industry is one of the largest benefactors of ethanol’s presence ($40.6 million), the report also showed a large impact on 20 other industry sectors including: restaurants ($1.6 million), doctors ($2.7 million) and even automotive repair ($963,071).

“Ohio ethanol isn’t just about corn farming,” said Mark Borer, president of the Ohio Ethanol Producers Association. “Our plants have a significant impact on rural Ohio industries and jobs across a wide swath of the economy.”

The study also concluded that construction and initial operation of ethanol facilities supported over 13,000 jobs, while current ethanol operations directly or indirectly employ 1,562 people across the state. For every one of the 280 jobs directly involved in ethanol operations, another 4.57 jobs are created in rural industries. Restaurants, truck /transportation and wholesale trading are some of the top industries that have hired employees because of ethanol’s presence.

Research was conducted by Ohio State professors Greg Davis and Nancy Bowen using data from the IMPLAN system, which utilizes investment and employment statistics to assess relationships among economic sectors. This study marks the first-of-its-kind statewide that has focused on the impact of this growing industry.

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