Jim Herring-October 22nd

“I am just finishing up beans today. I should be done within the hour. I have most of the corn off. There are maybe 500 acres to go. We have things pretty well cornered.

The beans are doing pretty well. They are averaging around 50 bushels, or a little better, but as we went further north the yield was less. There was less rain there.

“Corn yields will end up in that 150- or 160-bushel range for an average. The yields are down 30 to 40 bushels from last year and the beans are probably five or 10 bushels off.

“The ears seem to be holding on well in the corn. I have heard reports of some varieties dropping, but I haven’t seen any of that. It seems to be standing well. With the rains we are getting, it has been keeping things wet and the beans don’t get too dried out.

“We’re probably a couple of weeks ahead of normal. In another week or 10 days we should have things done. It has been a challenging season, but there are some good yields out there. It has been a muddy harvest with more rain than we needed. But we’re moving along well. We just have to take the conditions as they come. The beans yields have been great and we have some fields that have done amazingly well.”

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