Jim Herring-October 8th

“There are some surprising yields out there, but inconsistent is the word for the corn. It is all over the board. Even on every round we’re seeing numbers from one end to the other. The averages on corn are certainly down compared to beans. I took my worst field off and it was 100 bushels. Some of the better fields have averaged 180.

“We ran our National Corn Growers Association contest corn and 289.67 bushels and 282.51 are the two numbers I posted. The plots ranged from 240 to 290 dry, they were more than 300 bushels wet. Those were weighed, measured and certified by the NCGA. It was definitely accurate. If someone told me a month ago that we would have 180 bushel corn, I would have believed them — but not 100 bushels more than that.

“In the soybean contest plots, we posted a 77- and a 70-bushel yield and we haven’t run our best beans yet. We didn’t get very much rain at all this summer. I can’t imagine what this would have done with some rain.

“I’ve got about a third of the corn off and maybe 5% of the beans. The beans are just getting ready now. I know other guys are further along. I am going to keep running the corn as long as I can. I have seen some sprouting in one variety of the corn. The yields were there, but across the board corn is down.

“I didn’t see much frost. It was right at 32 degrees, but nothing really heavy. We’ve had so much rain we can hardly believe it. I think we’ve had 11 inches of rain in the last three weeks. It is getting almost as muddy as last year if you can believe that. I am in one of the better tiled fields today.”

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