Mark Dowden-October 8th

“In the last two weeks we’ve had quite a bit of rain and we’ve been out of the fields. Just on Friday afternoon we got an inch.

“We’re about halfway through the corn. We’ve had field averages of 75 bushels to 180 bushels and we’ve had a wide spectrum of everything in between. I don’t think the heat hurt us as bad as the lack of water. The final average will probably be in the 115- to 120-bushel range, but we’re getting into our better ground. We’ve run all of our worst stuff so far.

“The corn looked rough and we wanted to get it out before it fell down. We have seen some ear drop. One of the neighbors was talking about problems with ear drop based on a couple of hybrids. You can pick out the refuge corn pretty easily in our fields. There are lower yields and more dropped ears.

“We can’t get the beans off where the wheat needs to go and we haven’t planted any yet. We have 75 acres of wheat to plant and we usually try to get right in at the fly free date, but it didn’t happen this year.

“The drought is over. We keep getting rains that we don’t need. We only get a couple of days between rains and, so far, we haven’t wanted to take the time to switch and go to beans. They are still talking about a lot of bean yields up in the 50s around here. We’re thinking we’ll see an average around the mid-50s in the end.”

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