Mark Thomas-October 22nd

“I’m waiting in line to dump corn right now. I would say 80% of the beans in the area are off and 25% to 30% of corn in the area is off. I planted wheat over a week ago, which has been good and it is coming up nicely. This little band that we live in here has been doing extremely well. My best field of beans averaged 75 or 76 bushels and our beans are averaging mid 50s to low 60s. The couple hundred acres of corn we have taken off so far are averaging in the 180- to 200-bushel range.

“We were lucky to be in just the right spot for phenomenal yields. You only have to go less than a mile before crops get not so good. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

“We have a long ways to go. The moisture on the corn is anywhere from 17% to 22.5%. I have seen some of the stalks that are starting to get brittle. I haven’t seen a whole lot of ears falling off. The beans are nice and dry overall. The double crop beans definitely got burned off with some of the low temperatures we had.

“You can go a mile and a half north and find corn yields that are half of what I am seeing. There are 40- or 50-bushel corn yields and that is a big swing in a short distance. It is always somebody’s turn to get a butt kicking.

“I’d take this year that we got over almost any year. For me I am way ahead. I am a dairy guy. We got our wheat in as early as we ever have. One out of 10 years I am done by Thanksgiving. In a couple of weeks we can have things about wrapped up other than our double-crop beans. “

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