Ohio beef farmers team up to donate one ton of beef

More than one ton of lean ground beef was donated to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank Oct. 25, 2012 by Ohio’s beef farmers and Kroger. Throughout the summer, Columbus Clippers, Kroger, the Ohio Soybean Council, Ohio Corn Marketing Program and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank partnered with Ohio beef farmers in Striking Out Hunger with Lean Beef. A donation of more than 2,000 pounds of lean ground beef is the result of that partnership.

Ohio’s beef farmers, Kroger, the Columbus Clippers, the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio Corn Marketing Program teamed up in Striking Out Hunger to donate more than 2,000 pounds of lean ground beef to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Pictured at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank during the delivery from left are Matt Habash, Mid-Ohio Foodbank President and CEO; Elizabeth Harsh, Ohio Beef Council Executive Director; Bill Sexten, Ohio Beef Council Operating Committee Chairman and beef farmer; Brian Detty, Ohio Beef Council Director of Public Relations and Consumer Marketing; Lou Seal, Clippers Mascot; Cheryl McCormick, Kroger Manager of Community Relations; Mark Warren, Columbus Clippers Assistant General Manager; and Crash, Clippers Mascot.

Thanks to the skill of the Columbus Clippers’ pitching staff, every strike out they recorded during the 2012 baseball season resulted in a donation of two pounds of lean ground beef to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

The donation doesn’t stop there, as one pound of lean ground beef feeds a family of four while providing 10 essential vitamins and nutrients and accounting for only 150 calories. The successful program resulted in a donation of more than 8,000 lean beef meals.

“On behalf of Ohio’s beef farmers I would like to say how honored we were to be a part of this program,” said Bill Sexten, chairman of the Ohio Beef Council Operating Committee. “Not every family has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of lean beef in their diet, and because of this effort, more than 8,000 Ohioans will.”

Representatives from the Ohio Beef Council, Kroger, the Columbus Clippers and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank were present as a Kroger truck delivered 88 cases of fresh ground beef to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. In addition, Clipper mascots Crash and Lou Seal, were there to help unload the truck.

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