Ohio State professor visits Southeastern agriculture classes

Dr. David Zartman, professor emeritus, department of animal science at The Ohio State University, recently visited students during their agriculture classes to discuss challenges and the future of the livestock industry. Among the specific topics that the classes discussed were sustainable agriculture, winter grazing, management rotational grazing, aerial broadcasting of forage seed, breeding methods for beef and dairy operations, social movement toward locally grown and raised food products and perennial lactation. Students also shared questions and concerns regarding feeding a growing world population, animal rights and environmental group movements and livestock management. Accompanying Dr. Zartman was his wife, Micki, who spoke briefly about the World Food Prize. Both Dr. and Mrs. Zartman were recently inducted into the Ohio Agriculture Hall of Fame. The agriculture students would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Zartman for spending the day and sharing their experiences and expertise about livestock production.


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