Seatbelt Awareness Activity Held

On Tuesday, September 18, as part of National Farm Safety Awareness Week, the Leadership Committee of the Miami East FFA Chapter held a Seatbelt Awareness Activity. As students exited the parking lot at Miami East High School, the drivers were stopped and their seatbelts were checked.

If the student was wearing their seatbelt they received a “Smarties” candy for being smart about wearing their seatbelt. If the students were not wearing their seatbelts they were given a “DummDumm” sucker for making a bad decision.

Katrina Bendickson (left) and Miranda Maggert (center) hand a “Smartie” candy to Junior Austin Rush for wearing his seatbelt during the recent Seatbelt Awareness Activity at Miami East High School.

Results of the event proved that a majority of the drivers at Miami East High School do wear their seatbelt. Over 60 drivers and passengers were presented candy with 13% of drivers were not wearing their seatbelt. Similar results as were collected last year when 9.1% of drivers were not wearing their seatbelt.
The first seatbelt was in a Volvo vehicle in 1849. On February 15, 1885, the seatbelt patent was given to Edward J. Claghorn. By the 1930s doctors were requesting the vehicles be equipped with the restraining device. By the 1950s they were seen regularly in automobiles. And legislation in 1966-1968 made them mandatory for all cars.
The FFA’s Leadership Committee would like to encourage all drivers to slowdown and wear their seatbelt. Committee members involved in this activity were Emily Beal, Trent Church, Daniel Everett, Sydney Oakes, Levi Reid, and Nathan Teeters. Also helping with the project were Miranda Maggert, Hunter Sharp, and Katrina Bendickson.

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