What's in Your Soils?

What is in your soil? Loamy, Sandy, or maybe Clay? That is what Liberty-Benton FFA Chapter members were determining in Hardin Northern last Thursday. Members of the AFNR Ag Class at L-B as well a few other students who signed up to partake in this event took a day from school to head to Hardin Northern to judge soils.

During this CDE (Career Development Event), the students will learn soil quality. They judge the land capability, type, depth, drainage capability, as well as slope of the land. From that point, they will put the information into a table and determine its land class capability. They will also make a determination in a series of categories that would help the land be at its best. They will also determine whether it needs to be modified in some way for the betterment of crops  and livestock, or whether it is a swampy land condition.

Members did fairly well in this CDE. There are two teams, one from rural and one from urban soil judging, that will be going on to district soil judging. Great job and good luck to all!


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