Billy Pontius-November 5

“We’re putting tile in right now. We got all of the fertilizer spread and field work is 98% done. We stayed pretty busy when we finished harvest. We kept going working ground and fixing things that we didn’t get a chance to work on last fall.

“It was nice getting done early so we can get all of this other work done before winter. We were out of the fields for five or six days. It is still damp on top, but we’re back at it now. We still have no water running though our tiles whatsoever. It is going to take some serious precipitation this winter to get our water table back up.

Some of the creeks are still pretty dry. When you dig down about six inches it is dry and we’re going to need moisture before next year. It is still really dry underneath.

“We’re waiting for these markets to pick back up so we can haul some grain into town. I’ve been working on the crop insurance stuff and getting all of that paperwork done. Some of our corn that was really bad is considered a total loss. The insurance company is going to be looking at the grain cart scales, measuring our grain bins and looking at the elevator tickets. Getting the crop insurance stuff figured out has taken quite a bit of time.”


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