Jim Herring-November 5

“We’re just starting today for the first time in about 10 days. It is still plenty muddy, but with a good week we should be able to finish up with the corn. We got plenty of wind but it didn’t seem to knock the corn down. We got a couple of inches of rain and it really soaked things. We also had about an inch or so of snow that covered the ground and it left things pretty sloppy.

We finished up the beans a couple of weeks ago and we have about 300 acres of corn to go. We should be able to finish this week. Yields for the corn really depend on the soil types. I’m in some hilly ground now where the drought really took its toll. I had a field go 292 bushels wet and 270 something dry in Marion County on some good ground where we had a little more rain. We also have had some of the fields that were averaging in the 110 or 120 range where there are soil types that didn’t tolerate the drought well. Overall corn yields are off by 20 or 30 bushels.

“The beans did really well early, but as we moved further north the yields were not as good where we missed a couple of rains. The beans that didn’t get the rain drug the average down.

“The ground is starting to firm up, but there are still a few wet spots. The tillage is going to be a real challenge to get done and get it done right. We do have some tillage done, but not nearly enough. It seems like every year is a challenge and this was no exception.”

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