Mark Dowden-November 5

“We’re getting close. I don’t know if we can finish up this week yet or not. Last week was a bust until Friday. We started Friday evening but it was pretty muddy. We had over two inches of rain and a tremendous amount of snow for the last week of October. It was completely white with snow one morning. Believe it or not, our corn stood right through the wind. Most of our corn that was still out was in rows going north and south and the wind went down the rows instead of crossways. We were sweating it, but the corn seemed to take it.

“We’ve got maybe 200 acres of corn left and about that same acreage on the beans. We’re averaging 58 bushels on the soybeans right now and 120 on the corn for everything we’ve got. Some of the better fields averaged pretty well. We had a 192- and a 187-bushel average. I think we’ll have a couple more fields in that 190 range.

“The wheat looks beautiful. We sprayed it with Sharpen ahead of planting to knock the weeds back and the wheat looks great. I’d like to see it get some more height before winter. We’re doing a lot of fall tillage and the ground is really working up nicely.”

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