Mark Thomas-November 5

“Things were rolling along nicely until we got rolled over backward by Hurricane Sandy. We got somewhere between seven and eight inches of rain up here.  Some guys got back in the fields on Sunday, but it is moving a little more mud and dirt than I’d like to right now.

“We did not get the snow. We stayed on the warmer side of the hurricane. We had a lot of wind. I was round-baling corn fodder on Thursday and Friday before the Hurricane with the air conditioner on. Then I hooked up the generator knowing we were going to lose power and we never lost it. The wind was relentless but we only had a few tree branches down. I saw some corn on the field edges go down, but nothing like what I thought it could be. I got a few more gray hairs worrying about it.

“We’re done with our first crop beans. We still have our double-crops to go. Corn is probably 75% to 80% done. Everything I have seen stood well through the winds. With this week of nice sunny days we’ll start getting close to finishing up harvest.

“Our area was extremely blessed. All of our crops are looking pretty good. I think our worst corn fields will be 150 bushels and bean yields are averaging in the mid to upper 60s in most fields. We had a field average of 29 or 30 bushels, though.

“The price of beef is good so cull dairy cows are worth something and the dairy prices are going in the right direction. I am looking for steady improvement with the dairy prices.”

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