Ohio Farm Bureau “Friends” fared well

Ohio Farm Bureau “Friends” fared well in the election. Out of the 137 total Congressional, General Assembly, and Ohio Supreme Court seats up for election this year, Ohio Farm Bureau’s Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (OFBF-AGGPAC) designated 127 candidates as Friends of Agriculture or Friends of Farm Bureau. In addition, 121 of the “Friends” (95%) won their races for election or re-election.

The high success rate of Farm Bureau endorsed candidates is a point of pride for the organization, said OFBF’s Executive Vice President, Jack Fisher. Fisher added that Farm Bureau will work closely with all of the state’s elected officials to develop policies that benefit the state’s economy and communities.

“Our members understand the importance of political involvement. They work hard to find the best candidates Ohio has to offer, and then support them in their campaigns. It’s a great feeling for our members when voters agree with our opinions,” Fisher said.

Here is a breakdown of the results for each office/chamber:

U.S. House of Representatives (Ohio delegation)

Out of the 16 total seats up for election, OFBF-AGGPAC designated 13 friends. All 13 of our Congressional “Friends” won their races including open seat candidates Brad Wenstrup and David Joyce. As a result of population shifts identified in the 2010 census, Ohio lost two Congressional seats through the reapportionment process which ultimately pitted incumbents Betty Sutton and Friend of Farm Bureau Jim Renacci against each other. Renacci and all other Ohio Congressional incumbents, including former Ohio Farm Bureau President Bob Gibbs, retained their seats.

Ohio Senate

OFBF-AGGPAC designated a “Friend” in all 18 Ohio Senate seats that were on the ballot this year and all 18 of our Senate “Friends” won their races including former Ohio Farm Bureau President Bob Peterson who ran un-opposed to secure a full term following his appointment to the Senate during the 129th General Assembly.

Ohio House of Representatives

OFBF-AGGPAC designated a “Friend” in 94 of the 99 House seats up for election. 89 of our “Friends” (94.6%) won their races while incumbent “Friends” Craig Newbold and Casey Kozlowski were edged out by their respective opponents. Additionally open seat “Friends” Nathan Burd, Lori Dinallo, and Pete Schlegel lost their bids for election.

Ohio Supreme Court

OFBF-AGGPAC designated a “Friend” in two of the three Ohio Supreme Court races up for election this year. We supported Justices Robert Cupp and Terrence O’Donnell in their efforts to win re-election while remaining neutral in the race between Justice Yvette McGee Brown and her challenger Judge Sharon Kennedy. Of the two races where we designated a friend, Justice O’Donnell won another term while Justice Cupp was defeated by his opponent Judge William O’Neill. Justice Yvette McGee Brown also was defeated by her challenger Judge Sharon Kennedy.


U.S. Senate and Presidential Races

OFBF-AGGPAC stayed neutral in both Ohio’s highly contested U.S. Senate race as well as the Presidential election. Instead we worked closely with Senator Sherrod Brown and his challenger State Treasurer Josh Mandel as well as the Obama and Romney campaigns. We were able to engage with each of these campaigns at several events throughout the summer and fall including hosting them at the Ohio State Fair, Farm Science Review, and for a variety of on-farm events.


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