I think my jacket’s sexy: Behind the scenes

In one of the more unusual and bizarre projects ever undertaken by Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net staff, our latest video production has been wildly popular on the Internet. “I still think my jacket’s sexy” is set to a popular country tune that is among the most widely viewed videos we’ve ever posted. This is well worth watching just to see Dale Minyo squeeze into an FFA jacket from yesteryear.

We did the video to promote the first ever Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

The "too-big-for-their-jackets" stars of the popular web video tell all in this behind the scenes Q&A.

FFA Week Video Contest. The theme of the contest is “Rocking Out With FFA!” We are looking for videos that change the lyrics of a song to promote agriculture and FFA in general as well as what makes your chapter special.

Although they are well past their FFA prime, these past members put together a…well…entertaining example of what we are looking for and they set the bar very high.

Ty Higgins wrote and shot the video that is masterfully carried out by Dale Minyo, Bart Johnson and John Davis. Here is a glimpse behind the scenes with the stars of “I still think my jacket’s sexy.”

OCJ: John, you are a successful farmer in Delaware County who certainly has better things to do than sing a ridiculous song and squeeze into an old FFA jacket. How did they talk you into doing this?

John: Talking me into doing this video was not too difficult. I have been a supporter of the FFA for a long time and felt this would be a way to give back and have a little fun at the same time.


OCJ: Bart, how much of that WD-40 did you have to put on that zipper to slide your way into that jacket? That could not have been comfortable. Could you breathe while you were wearing it?

Bart: Remember the camera adds 10 pounds. I think I may be the exception, though, and it was more like 50. Let’s just say the jacket is still intact and my breathing is back to normal.


OCJ: Dale, did the corset cause any long-term problems? That looked pretty tight. Is that the first time you have worn a corset?

Dale: There was no long-term damage to me or the corset. While it a struggle to figure out how it could help get my jacket on, the masterminds of Bart and John quickly came up those answers. It was pretty tight thanks to my helpers.  Yes that was my first experience with a corset. Thanks Ty for bringing the corset.


OCJ: Ty, how long did it take you to write the lyrics to this popular song? How long will it take for the mental scars to heal after filming that?

Ty: To be honest, it took about 10 minutes to write. Bart was sitting right next to me at the conference table so my inspiration was easy to find. The premise of the video was going through my head as I was writing the lyrics. The mental scars healed quickly after coaxing Dale into a corset. Of course that was my wife’s corset so it made for nice holiday kindling in the fireplace.


OCJ: Dale, John and Bart, what do your wives and children think of this video?

Bart: My kids loved it.  We were at our high school basketball game the night it was posted and the kids were showing all their friends

John: My wife thinks it was hilarious and that we should take the show on the road.

Dale: My wife thought it was pretty funny and forwarded it to all her friends for their laughs also. The boys thought it was funny and kept telling me about all of their friends at school who commented on it.


OCJ: What kinds of responses from others have you gotten from this now notorious video?

Bart: Laughs, a few smirks and some healthy respect for my ability to suck in my gut that much!

John: I have received responses from many people from all over and they have ranged from, “I didn’t know you could sing” to “Don’t quit your day job.”

Dale: I was amazed how many people still have their FFA Jackets and some proudly sent their photos in (or mostly in) their jacket.


OCJ: Ty, do you think there are some Ohio FFA chapters out there that can top this video? Why or why not?

Ty: If there was any group that could out do this effort, it is the bright, clever and hard working members of Ohio’s FFA. Make it funny, make it unique, make it your own and to make it unforgettable put Dale in it!


OCJ: What advice do you have for the chapters who are making videos?

Bart: Have at it and have fun doing it. I am sure you can figure out some way to get a little extra credit for it as well

Ty: Read the rules carefully. Make it about your chapter and use every resource possible. Be proud of your chapter and agriculture as a whole. Make your school a part of this video so everyone can have fun with it and find out exactly what you do in your shop.

John: Be creative. Let all of the members participate, even if that is working in the background on props or helping to write the lyrics. Remember, not all of the members may want to be in the video, but would have a lot of good ideas.

Dale: I hope today’s FFA members will have fun with this video contest. We sure did.


OCJ: On a more serious note, FFA played an important role in your lives that helped shape your careers today. What advice do you guys have for young people who can currently fit into their FFA jackets?

Bart: Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new friends, but more importantly take advantage of the public speaking. No matter what career path you take, the ability to stand in front of people and speak is a skill that you will use the rest of your life.

John: FFA played a very important role in helping me to farm today. One of the most significant roles would be all of the people I met from not only my home chapter but from all over the state and nation. Many of these folks are people I deal with now, whether it is a fertilizer salesperson, grain buyer, equipment dealers, and the list goes on. Make as many friends as you can through participating in many different FFA activities and those friends will keep turning up later in life.

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