Ohio Pork Producers unveil new animated video

Today at the Ohio Pork Congress, the Ohio Pork Producers Council (OPPC) unveiled “Where’d you get that pork on your fork?” — a new promotional video.

“We wanted to try and tell the story from fork to farm. The approach is centered around the food purchaser, so we started with the fork,” said  Jennifer Keller, OPPC director of marketing and education. “We have had the idea for a year and we worked on developing the video since we applied for funding in July from the Iowa Pork Producers Association. We’re trying to address the various components of the food chain, which we understand is a very delicate topic. We want to be honest and respectful and we hope that this video helps accomplish those goals.”

It took a couple of weeks to do the rough cut of the song in the video and the animation took much longer. OPPC worked with AdFarm on the video who subcontracted with Bic Media based in Kansas City.


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