West Holmes FFA Greenhand Quiz Results

by: Audrey Ivers, Reporter

The West Holmes FFA had their freshmen compete in the Online Greenhand Quiz on January 24th. The team placed 49th out of 122 teams and 1,649 participates. Individually, Lyndsey Davis placed 199th, Jason Jenkins placed 282nd, Matt Gardner placed 375th, Jillian Gurley placed 455th, Carter Smith placed 502nd, Justin Lorentz placed 567th, Tory Eggers placed 594th, Riley Brannon placed 615th, Katlyn Hamner placed 640nd, Gabe Armstrong placed 654th, Dylan Harsh placed 668th, Paige Miller placed 736th, Moose Workman placed 799th, Cole Woods placed 873rd, Coven Mullet placed 888th, Tyler Grassbaugh was 890th, Racheal Yerian placed 910th, Ariel Bickel placed 918th, Ethan Fair placed 922nd, Tanner Walker placed 963rd, Mystique Martin placed 1013th, Hannah Schlegel placed 1030th, Michael Parker placed 1037th, William Hughes placed 1041st, Sierra Wengerd placed 1066th, Patrick Schlabach placed 1118th, Alex Miller placed 1317th, Devon Little placed 1333rd, Stasia Callahan placed 1356th, Kristina Metcalf placed 1412th, Brooke Underwood placed 1426th, Bethany Underwood placed 1447th, Sammy McClain placed 1524th, Brandy Haddock placed 1599th, and Jeared Miller placed 1616th. The test was over knowledge over FFA history and the AG industry.  Good job Greenhands!

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