Amish farmers begin spring fieldwork with horsepower

By Kim Lemmon

Every Ohioan has to be thrilled to see the grass start to turn green and to feel the warm breezes that have started to creep back into Ohio after another long winter. For me, no matter the weather, it doesn’t really feel like spring until I see some Amish farmers hitch up their horses and head to the fields.

I live near an Amish community in Morrow County. A quick 15-minute drive can take me 100 years back in time as I turn down the rural roads bordering St. Rt. 314 that are home to the nearby Amish community.

A need to visit my favorite harness maker led me to travel a little farther than the local Amish inhabited rural roads to the much-larger Amish communities located in Holmes and Wayne counties. It was apparent on this trip that spring is no longer a distant dream — it has arrived. My trip in early April during a dry, warm spell revealed that spring fieldwork had begun in earnest on most of the Amish farms that I passed during my brief trip.

Field after field revealed team after team of horses working ground. The rolling hills of the region were littered with Amish farmers and their horses hard at work. It was a beautiful scene to view.

I alerted my parents to the fact that fieldwork was heavily underway in the region. They love to see the horses at work in the fields. It just so happened that they already had plans to make a day trip to the Amish communities in Holmes and Wayne counties the following day. The photos on this page are the result of their trip.

I can’t wait to drive back in early May to pick up the harness I ordered. I’m sure there will still be plenty of horses at work doing the jobs for which they were bred.

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