John Hoffman

“We’re a corn, soybean, wheat rotation with around 45% corn 45% beans and 10% wheat. If we can double-crop by July 5, we will double-crop all of our wheat acres. Wheat harvest usually get started in our area around the 23rd or 25th of June, so it is a lot earlier than northern Ohio which lets us do more double-cropping.

“We’re five miles west of Circleville in Pickaway County. This farm started with my grandfather on this land. Ideally we like to start planting corn around April 15 and once that is in the ground we’ll immediately begin to plant soybeans.

“This year I am using the revenue package on crop insurance — 85% coverage for corn and 80% for soybeans on enterprise units. I am concerned about getting a five-year farm bill. I realize that budget cuts are going to be made in D.C. and that direct payments are probably going to be cut out. I am in favor of a strong crop insurance program for my risk management, especially this year.


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