Leah Dorman

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s President Award presented to Dorman

Dr. Leah Dorman, Director of Food Programs for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Center for Food and Animal Issues, was presented the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s President’s Award during the organization’s annual conference, April 15-18, in Louisville, Ky. The President’s Award recognizes an NIAA committee or council chairman or vice chairman for exemplary leadership and dedication to the organization.

“Dr. Dorman has been active in NIAA for nine years and did not hesitate last year to say ‘yes’ when volunteers were being recruited to co-chair NIAA’s newly created Antibiotics Council,” states Scott Stuart, NIAA’s Managing Director. He adds that Dr. Dorman and fellow Antibiotics Council co-chair Dr. Jennifer Koeman — both veterinarians — not only led the Antibiotics Council through its first year but co-chaired NIAA’s Antibiotics Council Symposium last November.

“Dr. Dorman is driven to advance animal agriculture and is adamant that open and honest dialogues and sharing of information regarding antibiotic use and resistance occur among those in animal agriculture, public health and environmental health,” said Katie Ambrose, NIAA’s Chief Operating Officer, who presented the award to Dr. Dorman. “She is a person of integrity and with foresight who steps forward and leads — and she is dedicated to the mission of the Antibiotics Council.”

Ambrose explains that the mission of NIAA’s Antibiotic Council is to facilitate and encourage the judicious use of antibiotics in food animal production to ensure public health, food safety, animal health and welfare; apply sound science as the basis for decision-making and policy development regarding antibiotics in food animal production; educate and communicate the role, benefits, risks and most current information on antibiotic uses in food animal production; and provide leadership and partnership with food chain stakeholders — from farms to consumers to allied industry, etc. — to promote judicious antibiotic use policies and practices.

As Director of Food Programs for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Center for Food and Animal Issues for the past three years, Dr. Dorman develops and executes programs throughout Ohio that help advocate for accepted agriculture and food processing practices. She previously served as Assistant State Veterinarian for the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

A native of Findlay, Ohio, Dr. Dorman earned her undergraduate degree in animal science and obtained her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State University.

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