Doug Longfellow, May 13

“We finished planting corn last week and we got a half-inch of rain here at the shop on Friday. We’ve planted a few beans, but we’re going to hit it tonight or tomorrow and just let that half-inch dry a little bit. We’re going to spray today. We got our burndown and 2,4-D on the beans done last week. I have 400 acres of corn to spray. We should get that done and make a big dent in the beans before it rains again on Wednesday night.

“We did not get any frost. It was in the high 30s. The corn planted beautifully last week and we’re really pleased with where we are right now. The planting date is right where we want it to be. We want to get as much done this week as we can, though, before this next rainy spell. We have had gentle rains here and we are really pleased so far. We have corn planted on May 4 that should be spiking here in a day or so.

“We need three good, big days to finish. There may be some guys that are a little behind. They got more rain to the south and the east of us. There is a good bit of corn and a little bit of beans planted around here, though. We feel blessed with what we’ve got so far.

“I think the market thinks that we can get a lot of corn planted in a small window, which is why we haven’t seen much of a reaction.”

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