Kenton FFA Chapter receives Helping Communities Grow Grant

The Kenton FFA Chapter received a $5,000 grant from the Helping Communities Grow. Kenton FFA partnered with the Nutrients for Life Foundation to help their community become better informed about agricultural issues.

The chapter reached members of their community through a number of different tools including school presentations, raised beds, a land lab, radio programs, and newspaper articles. In addition, the developed posters to spark an interest for topics including: NPK, the Five Fertilizer Facts, and the Nutrients for Life Foundation.

“Members from Kenton FFA gave presentations to third and eighth grade students about photosynthesis, NPK, the Five Fertilizer Facts, as well as the Nutrients for Life Foundation and all the program has to offer. These presentations not only fit into the school’s curriculum, but will hopefully generate an interest in the agricultural industry for the future,” said Morgan Latham of the Kenton FFA Chapter. “The grant money helped to finance many activities and projects to promote agriculture such as new raised beds and a land lab. The Ag Awareness Breakfast was initiated to get the community members even more involved and thank them for their help and support for the Kenton FFA programs.”

The grant money will be used to pay for the expenses of the past year, set aside for next year, as well as provide scholarships to seniors including the chapter’s President and Vice President.

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