This team of Belgians — Jeff and Dick — owned by Doris Mosher is from Marengo, Ohio. This team participates in a few county fairs and is used in a carriage business.

Malabar Farm Spring Plowing Days

I would venture to guess that most folks outside of the draft horse community tend to believe that plowing with horses is a job performed only by Amish farmers these days. Despite the general trend during the past 50 or 60 years toward tractors and machinery, there are still folks who use their horses to work the land.

Some of these horse owners work their horses for fun, while a determined few still use their horses regularly in all manner of work on their farms. Both types of horsemen and women were present during the 2013 Malabar Farm Spring Plowing Days.

More than a dozen teams participated in the event hosted by the Central Ohio Draft Horse Association on May 18 and 19 at Malabar Farm. All genders and ages of horse people put their teams of Percherons, Belgians and Spotted Draft horses to work during the two-day event. A few spectators also stopped by from time to time to ask questions and take photos during this event that was free to the public.

The teamsters and their friends and families seemed to really enjoy the work and there was much fun had as well. Due to my attendance at another event at the farm that was held late into the evening, I was able to witness several teamsters still having fun gathered around a campfire continuing to enjoy the day and each other’s company well past 10:30 p.m.

I was not able to photograph or video every team that participated in the event but please take a look and share the photo gallery and video below with anyone you know who might be interested in watching the mighty draft horse at work.

Thank you to everyone that was so welcoming as I tried to stay out of the way and collect photos and video of the event. Please be sure and leave a comment if you know of future events involving draft horses that might be of interest to me and other Ohio’s Country Journal readers.

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