Mount Gilead FFA Chapter hosts Food for America event

May 17th Mount Gilead FFA chapter had Food for America at Hubschman’s Farm. The FFA members bring animals and teach the 5th graders, of Park Avenue Elementary School, about where their food comes from. This year the kids got to make butter with Junior, Kierston Pangborn, and Senior, Emma Weiss. Kyle Hack brought a piglet, Brayden Barnett brought a bull, and Mckayla Wright brought two sheep. FFA members taught them about how their food goess from farm to plate. Kierston Pangborn brought a rabbit, and Kendra Hartman brought a miniature horse and mini donkey for the kids to pet. Hubschman’s had a llama, goats, chickens, and numerous dogs that the kids enjoyed petting as well.

There were five stations that the 5th graders could go to. One was Nature and wildlife, where Noah Scott, Andrew Baer, Conner Hill, and Jerrod Shipman showed the kids animal pelts, traps, and bones. Another station was agronomy with Andrew Evans, Austin Jennings, Trey Osborne, Josh Woodell, and Matt Ruhl. Food products was another station, kids made butter and got candy for answering questions. The large animal group was Brayden Barnett, Bailey Gompf, Mckayla Wright, Shayne Stobel, Derek Barker, and Brooklyn Stafford. They taught the kids what sheep wool can be used for, how many cuts of meat come out of one cow and what types of meat come from where on the cow. Amanda Bush, Sierra Walters, and Sarah Hubschman were in charge of the small animal group. They had kids read facts about rabbits and chickens and pet a bunny.

After lunch the 5th graders played kickball or volleyball . The FFA members. Kyle Hack, Treah Wright, and Dakota Wells helped with kickball. 5th graders also got to do sack races, three-legged race, the human knot and blanket volleyball. All the members and 5th graders had a great time at Hubschman’s farm. Special thanks to Peggy Hubschman and family for all their help and support of the chapter. The Hubschman family has hosted Food for America for several years, their support is greatly appreciated.

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