Ohio Certified Crop Adviser Board celebrates 20 Years

The Certified Crop Adviser Program is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. The U.S. agricultural industry designed and implemented the CCA Program in response to an increased need for agronomic expertise to address environmental concerns

The program was developed around professional training, certification and self-regulation. In 1993, testing for the certification began for any crop adviser or consultant who spends the majority of their time advising growers on agronomic practices and can meet the standards of the program. The program operates in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and India.

“CCAs are more important than ever before,” said Tim Berning, Ohio CCA board chairman. “The CCA program has respect and credibility from government agencies and private agricultural industry, and we are being looked upon to provide answers and help educate our growers on better nutrient management.”

The International Certified Crop Adviser Program is the largest voluntary agricultural certification program in North America. More than 13,000 agronomy professionals across the world have met the standards set by the American Society of Agronomy to become certified, and 576 of those are certified through the Ohio CCA Program.

Professionals who have attained the CCA credential have passed two comprehensive exams covering nutrient management, soil and water management, integrated pest management and crop management. Along with contributing to the agronomic community and gaining at least two years of required experience, they have made a commitment to focus on grower profitability while optimizing and protecting our natural resources.

“We pride ourselves on making the right recommendations for our growers and for the environment, just like we pledged in our CCA code of ethics,” Berning said. “Farmers and employers prefer to work with CCAs because they have demonstrated commitment, education, expertise and experience to make a difference.”

For more information, go to oaba.net/ cca for the Ohio CCA Program or https://www.certifiedcropadviser.org/ for the U.S. CCA Program.

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