Jessie Proehl and Stephanie Glass pose with their state winning agriscience fair project

Zane Trace FFA Members Take Gold in Agriscience Fair

On May 2nd, 25 students from the Zane Trace FFA Chapter competed in the State Agriscience Fair.  The Agriscience fair is very similar to a school science fair, except every research project deals with agricultural related subjects.  Some categories students competed in included food science, animal science and environmental systems.  Students also have the choice to work individually or with a partner.  Out of the 25 students competing there were 10 teams of two competing.

All winter these students worked on brainstorming a topic, researching it, designing and performing an experiment, and finally, presenting their project.  All of the work these students put into their work paid off though.  Zane Trace had excellent results in their competition.  They had 8 earning bronze, 8 earning silver, and 9 earning gold.

This year many agriscience participants from Zane Trace also placed in their classes, earning a cash award and the opportunity to be recognized on stage during the Convention.  Laura-May Wheeler received third place in Food Science with her project over enzymatic browning in fruits.  The team of Eva Bugg and Beau Bilek received second place in Food Science for their project over fat analogs in brownies, along with the team of Tyler Davis and Ethan Monroe who researched the effect of UV light on lizards in Animal Sciences.  Nathaniel Freeman placed first in Agriculture Power and Structural Systems with his project over electromagnetism while, Stephanie Glass and Jessie Proehl took top honors in Social Sciences for their study of how age affected the opinions of adults towards organic foods. Audrey Hoey and David Glass were another top team in Food Science using their research over anthocyanin levels in blueberries, while freshmen Mariah Cox and Hope Gatwood both won first place in their categories with their respective projects over potato plastics and whole grain flours.

If it seems like there were a lot of award winners from the ZT chapter in the Agriscience fair, you’re right!  Zane Trace had five first place teams or individuals, which was more than any other school in the state of Ohio!

The work the students do on their projects does not end here however.  Every student who received first in their category will have an opportunity to compete in the National Agriscience Fair in Louisville, Kentucky this coming November.  Here they will compete against FFA students, with outstanding projects, from all over the nation.  The students are excited to move on to Nationals, and hope to do well there too!

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