Cornbelt Crop Update {June 21, 2013}

The Snapshot Tour is a daily call hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities covering crop progress and weather updates across the Corn Belt.. This is a summary of this week’s conversations. 

Maumee, Ohio

A dry week and warmer temps have seen crops pop.  Wheat harvest will be in the July 15-20 window.  For the week, crops have changed to “slightly better”, if possible.

Henderson, KY

Wheat harvest is starting along the Ohio River.  Early reports are yields ranging in the 70-90 bpa range.  With the hot temperatures and drier forecast, wheat harvest should be in full swing this weekend.

Greenville, OH

The Darke county area remained dry for the majority of the week, and warmer temps have made the crops just explode.  Wheat is really starting to turn, and the farther west you go in Ohio, and south, especially south of I 70…we will likely hear reports that wheat harvest has started.  Preliminary guesses on a few wheat fields are in the mid-90’s. I drove a route that went from Greenville – Columbus – north central Ohio – western Ohio and then back south…all the crops look outstanding!  Another producer 30 miles south of Columbus believes he is in the garden spot of Ohio.

Logansport, IN

The corn crop in east central Indiana has generally improved over the last week.  Great color, rows are canopied, and the corn is  roughly mid-thigh on the tallest side.  Beans continue to bush out and look healthy, with most around 6 inches tall.  The heat units are extremely beneficial  in getting this crop off to a great start, but  this area wouldn’t turn down another easy shower, either.  Wheat harvest should also start soon as well.

Champaign, IL

Champaign has received 2 tenths of an inch of rain since June 2nd, so while the corn crop is growing well, producers are hopeful that this July turns out to be better (wetter) than last July.  Most areas of Illinois have received 1 to2 inches of rain over the past 2 weeks, so most of the state is wetter than east-central Illinois.  Some beans that got planted in late May ahead of a heavy rain have been re-planted, and now they need a rain to get them going.  Crops in general look good (corn looks better than beans) with 3 exceptions:   1) southwestern Illinois had too much rain in April and May, and there is lots of yellow corn in that area,  2) the I-64 corridor from St. Louis to Evansville received heavy rains in late May/early June and have drowned-out spots in the fields,  3) I-80 corridor from the Quad Cities to Kankakee also received heavy rains in late May / early June and have some drowned out spots and yellow corn, although this area is starting to look better.  Bottom line: we have transitioned from not wanting rain to wanting rain.

Bird Island, MN

The west central part of MN saw severe storms last night, with 70 mph winds and hail.  As this is written, heavy rain continues to move across heavily-plagued areas in southeastern MN and NE Iowa.  SE MN did have 4 days of no rain…a first in quite a while for that region.

Anselmo , NE

High heat moves in this weekend for central Nebraska.  The air will be very humid, with chances for rain all through the weekend.  Crops continue to look very good – a pleasant reprise from one year ago.  With the high heat, we won’t be surprised to hear the pivots will be turning back on.

Sheldon, IA

Severe storms are possible today. A nice half inch would be welcome as a lot of beans went in during the last 3-4 days.  The warmer temps have allowed crop conditions to definitely improve this week.  However, areas east, especially of I-35 continue to struggle.  Heavy rain is falling in NE Iowa as this goes to press.  A crop tour again to this area may be warranted in a few weeks!  Stay tuned!

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