John Hoffman, Pickaway County, June 24

“We did not get any of the rain yesterday. It sounds like they got their fair share further north in Delaware. Our early maturity wheat is off and there is some other wheat being cut down here. We harvested our first wheat on Thursday and Friday. We will bale some of the straw from that. Then we planted double crops after that.

“I have not added the numbers up, but it was probably 85- or 95-bushel wheat. It looked good all season, but we still have a lot of wheat to cut yet. We’re two or three days away from harvesting our next variety. The wheat is all looking pretty good, but you don’t know until you run the combine through it. I was pretty happy with that first wheat.

“We plant double-crop beans with what we have left over in the truck from planting beans in the spring. Most of them are in the late Group 3s. We follow pretty close behind harvest. We’re maybe a day or two behind the combine. We usually jump the population an extra 30,000 so we go up to around 210,000 seeds per acre.

“They went into moisture. We planted them a shade deeper and we got a good rain about 10 days ago. Some of the mud holes still have water in them. The beans could use some heat, the corn could use rain and we’d like to see that rain hold off on the wheat. We’re kind of twisted on what kind of weather pattern we want to roll in.

“The wheat did not come on as quickly as I thought it would, but we’ll be running again in another couple of days. Corn and soybeans are looking pretty good. We’ll see what the balance of the summer brings. I have not noticed any insects or anything out there yet.

“We always stay pretty busy in May and June.”

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