New 4700 All Plant Air Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc.

The new 4700 All Plant Air Drill by CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. comes from the experienced and field-proven 4700 series All Plant Drills known as the “No-Till Drill of Choice”.  This new Air Drill System centers on the successful CrustBuster Parallel Linkage Opener which is engineered to provide a constant down pressure throughout the operating range. This down pressure plus remaining parallel to the ground throughout the opener’s travel, results in a  consistent planting depth control.

The Air Drill System features a large 350 bushel capacity, two compartment split 60/40, four wheel steer cart.  Mounted on the ISO compatible cart system is the central fill, pressurized tank which features a low hopper sensor.  The operator can load and unload the hopper with the attached  8″ auger.  The ability to drill grain and apply fertilizer at the same time allows you to get more acres done in less time. Built around the solid All Plant Drill 3-section 40′ and 45′ frames, the folding Air Drill allows for quick and easy transport.

For more information about the 4700 All Plant Air Drill and all its options, contact CrustBuster / Speed King, Inc. 620-227-7106 or go on line, and select Air Drills from the menu.


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