Winner of the 2013 Ohio State Fair Battle of the Breeds Cart Challenge.

2013 Ohio State Fair Buckeye Battle of the Breeds Draft Horse Cart Class

Congratulations to the winners of the Buckeye Battle of the Breeds Cart Challenge — All Star Farms and driver Nicole Honsberger of Wayne, Ohio.

Approximately 19 horses and their drivers competed in the class this year. This unique class is open to all breeds of draft horses. Cash prizes are larger than normal for those who place in this class. In addition, two non-placing entries are randomly chosen to receive cash prizes.

The final drive off is viewable below. Short clips of each heat are view to the left.


1. All Star Farms, Wayne, Ohio

2. Blue Ribbon Days, Winchester, Indiana

3. Flat Rock Draft Horses, Bellevue, Ohio

4. Gunville Hitch, Quinnesec, Michigan

5. Oak Haven Belgians, Fremont, Ohio

6. Windermere and Jackson Fork Ranch, Spring Mills, Pa.

7. Eagle Creek Farm, Montpelier, Ohio

8. Hammersmith Belgians, Defiance, Ohio

9. LorRob Dairy Farm, East Bethany, NY

10. Circle S Percherons, Dennison, Ohio

Jackpot of $300: R&M Farms Drafty Acres, Seville, Ohio

Jackpot of $200: Jo Nel Farms, Wayne, Ohio

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