Doug Longfellow, Darke County, July 8

“We have had plenty of moisture, but it is not overboard. Most guys in our area are bringing in wheat that is 17% to 20% moisture, so it is still plenty wet.  With all of the rain every day, they are concerned about getting it out of the field. All of the yields are looking to be above average, so that is good and we are not seeing significant quality problems yet. The wheat harvest is just getting started.

“I would say most of the corn in this area will be in tassel this week or next week. That is good because we have moisture and it looks like pretty steady temperatures in the next couple of weeks. The large portion of the county has really good potential for both corn and beans at this point. The corn has been loving this weather and the beans look good, but they have not liked the cool weather a whole lot.

“Our farm has had 1.5 to 2.5 inches depending on where it is. There are places close by that have had 4 or 6 inches. These rains have been spotty and scattered. Some places have drowned out spots and some guys are asking for more rain and would not turn down a good shower. Some places had flooding. It is just a matter of where you are. You never know what it is going to do.

“Everything is looking really nice. There is a really upbeat and optimistic spirit in this area. We just need the right moisture and temperatures and keep moving things along. There is still a good bit of spraying around here yet to do. We’ve got fungicides to put on. We have corn to spray at tassel by plane and I think we are going to spray our beans with fungicide this year.  The way the weather has been, it is shaping up for all kinds of trouble in beans with fungus. I think this may be the year to try some of these things.”

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