John Hoffman, Pickaway County, July 22

“We’re getting a nice sprinkle right now, maybe a tenth or so, and the weather has cooled down some so that is making us happy. We did not receive as much rain as they did further north. We haven’t had any high water damage or anything.

“The beans are really shaping up and looking good. The corn is looking good too, but I know there is some fungicide being sprayed due to the weather we’re having. I have a third of my acres scheduled to be sprayed. We’re optimistic and we keep getting rains. If we can keep that 90-degree-plus heat away, I think things will really do pretty decent.

“The corn seems to be pollinating well. I think everything is tasseled in this area. I don’t think the heat really adversely affected pollination. We were happy to get the warmer weather and sunshine, but now we are going to need some rain every week or 10 days or so.

“The double-crop beans look pretty good. They are all emerged and in pretty good condition. They came up quickly because they did have moisture in the ground. Some of them are 10 to 12 inches tall and some that were planted a week later are five inches tall. They look good and I am happy we got them in. Some people planted them a few days later than they wanted to around here. There were people who were still double-cropping up until the July 15.

“I was at Corn Congress this past week and I talked to farmers from around the country. There are a lot of different weather conditions floating around out there and it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out.”

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