John Hoffman, Pickaway County, July 8

“When you’re cutting wheat there is a very limited time. My dad always says there are three days for cutting wheat: a day too early, a day just right and a day too late. We were fortunate that we missed a couple of rains and got our wheat harvested. We finished up on July 1. We were right at 90 bushels for an average and quality and test weight were pretty good.

“We kept watching the weather and they said the rain was rolling in. We kept harvesting even with moistures higher than we would typically like. We really wanted to get it off and we are certainly glad we did that now. We had an early maturity, a medium and a fuller season variety, which also helped. I only hauled in two loads of dry wheat. There was a lot of 17% to 19% wheat we hauled in.

“All of our wheat went straight to town. We didn’t have too many quality issues. I had sprayed the fungicide. There were small amounts of vomitoxin in a few loads, but nothing severe. I feel really fortunate that our wheat is off, we got some straw baled and the double crops were in by July 1.

Don’t ask me how much rain we’ve gotten, but it has rained every day here for a while. Our double-crops are all emerged and growing. The concern with the corn is whether or not the roots will grow deep enough. We also could see some standability issues later in the season.

“The corn looks great right now, though. We started tasseling around June 28 or 29. I would say 75% of the corn is tasseling. Soybeans are really growing except where there is standing water. Some of them are getting water logged and showing some yellowing.

“We need four or five days of sunshine in a row. The potential is there for good crops. Weed control seems to be going well so far. Most of the fields were pretty solid. Right now I would have to rate my crops as looking pretty good.”

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