Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 22

“We are just adequate on moisture. We got four-tenths last week, but with the rain we got things are looking just great. The wheat was pretty good. It was running right in the mid-80s. We had one load out and it was just over 59 test weight and no sprouts so far. There is still a little bit of wheat to take off around here.

“I never saw as good of a second cutting for hay as I did this year. It was a little later than we like, but it was good quality hay. We have third cutting ready to cut now, but I think we’ll wait until Thursday because of the rain.

“The corn is starting to pollinate and I don’t know that I have ever seen better looking corn around here. It is a lot different than it was last year. The thing that scares me is that this corn is so tall that it could go down this fall. We got some wind and there was a little damage, but it was not too bad.

“The beans look really good too. They are waist high and looking great. We have no yellow beans. We did not get those big rains that could have hurt us. They have just the right amount of moisture and heat. I haven’t seen any bugs in the beans, but there are a lot of pods with a lot of beans out there. Everything is just right.

“Basically everything around here just looks super. You just don’t get too many years like this where everything looks good.”

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