Louie Rehm, Wayne County, July 8

“We’ve been missing a lot of these rains. We’re just at adequate moisture right now. We had a half-inch of rain on Saturday night and before that we just got a few tenths. We haven’t had the big rains like a lot of people.

“The corn looks awesome. I don’t know that I have ever seen corn as nice as it is in this area. We have corn that is seven feet tall already and it is still a week away from tasseling. We’ve had ideal conditions for corn.

The beans don’t look too bad either. There are not very many yellow spots. A lot of the beans are between knee and waist high. When you hear about the drowned out spots in some areas, it makes you feel fortunate to have missed some of these big rains.

“We didn’t get into any hay for two weeks because of the drizzle and light rains. Hay is really strong in this market. There is some good looking hay out there, but the quality is leaving because it is getting up to 50 or 60 days between cuttings and that is way too long. It has already bloomed.

“The wheat is still a couple of days away yet because it hasn’t been drying down in this cloudy weather. I checked the wheat yesterday and there are no sprouts yet. It looks fabulous. On Thursday it is supposed to dry out.

“Last year we couldn’t buy a rain and this year we can’t buy sunshine. You’ve got to hope for the best. That’s farming and you have to take the good with the bad. Not every year is going to be the same and that’s a good thing.”

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