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Early mornings and long days on the road sum up the work life of Dale Minyo. The man behind the wheel of the Ohio Ag Net Ram Soy Biodiesel truck has put in a good part of his day before most folks let the alarm clock sound.

As a broadcaster for Ohio Ag Net, Dale Minyo wakes at 3 a.m. each morning to deliver agricultural related news via Ohio Ag Net’s morning programming and the daily “Digital Dale” e-newsletter. More than 75 days a year he then jumps in his truck to remotely broadcast the midday radio programs at agricultural related events throughout Ohio.

Dale is a very systematic person and has his morning schedule down to a science. He knows exactly how long it will take him to prepare and highlight his planned news for the day, record the audio, put together the broadcasts, and send out “Digital Dale.” He does all of this in the comfort of his personal studio, a storage room in the basement of his house in Morrow County. Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.19.58 AM

After graduating with a major in agricultural economics from The Ohio State University, Dale gained employment with the Johnson family in June of 1989 as part of the sales team for their farm radio network and television programs. Serving as a broadcaster for the farm radio program never entered Dale’s mind. He really enjoyed selling advertising and had no interest in becoming a radio broadcaster, but the late Ed Johnson saw something special in Dale. After much encouragement and prying from Bart and Ed Johnson, Dale completed his first broadcast in May 1995.  Today, he completes around 15 broadcasts each day.

Whether he’s traveling the state or at the Ohio Ag Net offices in Columbus, one thing never changes about Dale; he doesn’t eat lunch. After a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee at 6 a.m., Dale won’t eat again until he arrives home that evening.

“When you get up at 3 a.m. and drive — sometimes a couple of hours — to a remote, a big ribeye sandwich before you jump into the truck can put you right to sleep,” Dale said. “So, to avoid the hassle of trying to stay awake, I just don’t eat lunch.”

When he does eat, Dale considers a fairly limited menu.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.20.42 AM
Dale’s mobile studio travels to all ends of Ohio during the summer months.

“One little known fact about Dale is that he doesn’t like pizza,” Heather Hetterick said. “He consumes enough popcorn and ice cream though, which are his favorites, to make up for it. Each year at the Farm Science Review he consumes a record amount of each!”

With his wife Cynthia, he raises two boys, Kyle and Ryan. Kyle is a senior in high school and into everything sports-related. Ryan is a sophomore that enjoys everything that required you to shoot a target, especially hunting and trap shooting.

“Dale is well known in Morrow County for his brightly colored truck, and several mornings a week he is welcomed with a wave by residents as he drives through McDonald’s on his way to remote broadcasts,” said co-worker and fellow Morrow County resident, Kim Lemmon. “But what folk who don’t know Dale personally may not realize that has a heart of gold and is very active in serving his school district and other local organizations.”

When Dale isn’t on the road for Ohio Ag Net, or helping with a community sporting event, he can often be found in the woods with his son Ryan and the coon hunting dog that was added to the family this year. As a result, late nights were often added to Dale’s early morning routine on the days during coon season that he accompanied Ryan and his dog on coon hunts.

Not many folks could keep up with Dale’s work and personal schedule, but no matter what is on the agenda for the day, Dale makes the most of it.

Dale with his wife Cynthia and sons, Ryan (left) and Kyle.
Dale with his wife Cynthia and sons, Ryan (left) and Kyle.

“I enjoy that I get to see different people every day,” Dale said. “ We are helping them tell their story and no matter where we go, different people have different stories to tell.”

Dale endures a demanding schedule but after a quick conversation, it is evident that he loves his job.

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  1. To Dale Minyo: At National FFA Convention, would be great to see a familiar face, even if not in a blue jacket 406-899-3495

  2. Great informational speech at Bowling Green Kiwanis Club today Gene Klotz Star American Farmer Agri Business 1970

  3. Always enjoy your ag reports every morning on 1150 WIMA radio . You do a great job !

  4. Hi Dale,

    I was thrilled with the speakers yesterday.

    I asked about plans with clients and then their being the option for payment.

    That has been a concern of mine for a while. I don’t want to knowingly do a plan and then there be the option for payment in the future and them not get it, I guess I got tired of producers saying that the did the right thing by putting my land in grass so now I’m not eligible for CRP?

    I guess it could be looked at in the future as scheme and device. The DC at the time could decide that there already is a plan in place and they receive no payment.

    I am from Brown County, worked in Highland for 13 years, and work in Pike/Scioto now. I am one that wonders why all the money is going to Lake Erie, but I understand why. It’s tidy, its small, the area is defined, there are only a few clients/counties. If your cats get out of the bag you know where to put them back in.

    Some are told they are doing it wrong or not following rules and some are told they are progressive if they think out of the box. I’m trying to decide which I need to be. I know you see it firsthand. I’m just trying to figure out how to deal with the selfish environment that we are in now. I grew up in the talk the talk and walk the walk era. It’s harder when there is a pretty face for the business/agency that takes credit, but doesn’t do the work. I know that happens a lot.

    I understand about not publishing your information. At times I feel like I am an open book being a public servant.

    You said that in 3 years we will have more data. My question is who has data, Where is it coming from?


  5. I listen to DALE at around 530 am on my way to work but cannot make out what studio he says he is broadcasting from. take care and thanks

  6. I have listened to Dale for years now, there is one thing he needs to do and that is to set aside his opinions about one presidential race and the Vice President Biden, he is not the President Elect nor an incumbent as of yet. So please just stick with the factual news and try to word things differently if there is anything to say about biodiesel, main stream media has had a hard time keeping listeners.
    Just some advice from a concerned individual.

    To many socialist leftist in the news that need to retire, quit or just keep their own thoughts to themselves.

    Thanks for your dedication on the futures!

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