Paul Ralston, Hardin County , July 22

“Between yesterday and this morning we’ve had an inch and eight tenths of rain and it has come really nice and easy. I couldn’t be happier. Two weeks ago I was ready for it to shut off and it did. The fields dried up, though, and it was time for another shot of rain.

“I think the beans are hurt from all the water we had, but I don’t know how bad. There are a couple of holes here and there where the plants died. It was not a large area and every year you have some of that, so I am not really concerned. The corn, though, just looks phenomenal and I am excited about that. Most of the corn is going to pollinate this week. It is supposed to be a little cooler this week and we have good moisture. In the good black ground the corn is 10 feet tall and solid green and even. It is pretty darn good looking corn. We had some wind knock it around, but it has all stood back up.

“I was pretty concerned about getting fungicide sprayed. We have been scouting the corn though, and we’re just not finding anything out there. We’re going to keep looking for one more week and if we don’t find anything we will probably not spray fungicide. We did go ahead and spray fungicide on the beans because we were seeing frogeye showing up. We put some insecticide on too.

“I just got back from Corn Congress and I talked to farmers from different parts of the country. I talked to a guy from Kansas who just planted his corn two weeks ago. I asked him why he did that and I never heard a good answer. After hearing stories from out west where they planted late because it was wet and now has turned off dry, I felt pretty fortunate with what we have in Ohio.”

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