Paul Ralston, Hardin County, July 8

“Two weeks ago I said I wanted rain, but now I am ready to shut her down a little. We got another 1.5 inches last night and in the last two weeks we are almost at 8 inches of rain. Most of the rains have been .7 or .5 at a time. It has been nice and steady, but the ground is pretty well saturated now. I need to save some for August.

We need to get some beans sprayed. The beans don’t like wet feet really well and they are starting to turn yellow. It is time to get some other things done instead of standing here dumping out the rain gauge.

“The beans may have some manganese deficiency. By now we have usually had two applications of manganese on soybeans and a lot of the yellowing could be from manganese deficiency, but some of that is from wet weather too. The corn is loving it. It has grown four feet in the last two weeks. It is shooting a couple of tassels here and there. By next week most of it will be in tassel.

“If we get rain the rest of the week I don’t know what kind of quality we’ll see in the wheat fields around here. The fields have a gray tinge to them where the straw is rotting already. It is ready but they can’t get in the fields to get it out.

“The radio just said that there is an identical forecast for the next four days — 60% chance of rain, afternoon thunderstorms, mid-80s, and humid. We’re in that pattern. I hate to say that I don’t want any more rain, but we need to get some spraying done. I am going to spray fungicide on beans and I think we’ll do corn too. With the moisture we have had, it is an excellent breeding ground for problems. “

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