2013 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Market Exhibitors


Kady Davis, Carroll County, was the Beef Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Beef Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Dawson Osborn, Highland County; 10. Alex Linder, Huron County; 11. Allison Davis, Carroll County; 12. Brooke Egbert, Auglaize County; 13. Wally Minges, Butler County; 14. Kady Davis, Carroll County; 15. Curtis Harsh, Delaware County; 16. Samantha Norman, Fulton County; 17. Danielle Heintz, Auglaize County; 18. Jessica Harsh, Delaware County.



Hayden Johnson, Jefferson County, was the Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Zane Ortman, Perry County; 10. Hayden Johnson, Jefferson County; 11 Nevan Ruggles, Huron County; 12. Deloris Cororan, Ross County; 13. Cassady Neviska, Morrow County; 14. Aryn Copeland, Crawford County; 15. Molly Phillips, Huron County;16. Zachary Johnson, Clinton County; 17. Reagan Neviska, Morrow County; 18. Sarah Johnson, Clinton County.



Meghann Winters, Guernsey County, was the Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Justin Howell, Knox County; 10. Justin Mason, Coshocton County; 11. Mason Miller, Tuscarawas County; 12. Sarah Young, Highland County; 13. Brock Martin, Huron County; 14. Jacob Wenner Delaware County; 15. Meghann Winters, Guernsey County; 16. Taylor Banbury, Knox County; 17. Morgan Himes, Tuscarawas County; 18. Delanie Wiseman, Madison County.


Katie Siegel, Marion County, was the Swine Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The Swine Outstanding Market Exhibitors by age were: 9. Luke Spracklen, Clark County; 10. Nolan Barney, Lucas County; 11. Johnathan Stewart, Clinton County; 12. Jenna Siegel, Marion County; 13. Peyton Phillips, Clark County; 14. Mason Creager, Fulton County; 15. Katie Siegel, Marion County; 16. Hannah Frobose, Wood County; 17. Kayla Clyburn, Fayette County; 18. Delanie Wiseman, Madison County.

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