Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 26

“We got a half a tenth of rain on Thursday and the southern part of the county got 2 inches. We are extremely dry and we are losing corn yield every day. What we thought was going to be above average corn is now getting closer to average corn. I walked a bunch of fields Friday. There is a lot of green still there and it pollinated well, but it is not going to fill correctly unless we get some rain soon. We are losing that top end yield right now. We still have good corn but it is going the wrong direction right now.

“Beans still look good and have a chance of being above average. We are still filling pods and sometimes beans will sit and wait on a rain. I am not as concerned about beans as I am with the corn. They are showing signs of stress on the hills but otherwise they look pretty good. We have a small amount of sudden death syndrome, but that is really the only problem with beans right now.

“I did find more green snap from that July storm than I thought we had — maybe even 15% to 20% in one field. Every yield check we did I had to subtract the ears and the reduced yield pretty quickly.  We’re running out of steam and we need some rain to finish. Corn is showing some deficiencies in certain areas but mostly the crops are just looking dry. A large portion of Darke County is extremely dry right now.

“We are way up in the markets today and we have been buying a lot of grain at the elevator. If we continue to see weather concerns around the country I think we’ll see prices go up a little.“

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