Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Aug. 12

“We got anywhere from .75 inch to 2 inches of rain last week. Some of the corn could use more because we are still plenty dry. We have not gotten that much rain this season and we could use more.

“We are in prime filling time for corn kernels and bean pods. Our earliest maturity corn has a couple of kernels just starting to dent and we wish it were a little further along. We have seen a few Japanese beetles around the edges and some grasshoppers. We are worried about an early frost and we are worried about wind.

“It could be a wet corn harvest and we need some sun and heat in the next month for things to come around. Another good rain would finish up the corn. Things look good, though, and we have good prospects. We are hoping for good test weight and we are excited about the yield potential out there.

“There are some pretty nauseous feelings about corn prices out there. These are hard conversations because I don’t know what to tell people. The corn price is hard to stomach. There is nothing good on the horizon at this point as far as corn goes. We could even see price loss insurance claims.

“The herbicide program of 2,4-D and Roundup in the fall and 2,4-D again in the spring to get these resistant marestail  — we were really pleased with the control we got with that program. We have two fields where we did not use 2,4-D in the fall and we have been out walking those fields and pulling some of them so they don’t go to seed.”

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