FarmLogs introduces complete free plan

New Features Announced Include Field Rainfall Monitoring, RainAlert
and Automatic Crop History
FarmLogs, the AgTech company that creates user-friendly farm management software and mobile apps to help farmers plan, manage and analyze their farms’ operations, today announced a completely free version of its software along with new lower cost premium plans tailored to fit specific needs.

The Free Plan comes with all features that FarmLogs customers have become accustomed to,
including activity logging, inventory tracking, crop planning, basic weather and mobile access, as
well as new features, including RainAlert and Automatic Crop History. The premium plans (Basic,
Pro & Enterprise) include Field Rainfall Monitoring, the newly released FarmLogs weather feature,
and are targeted toward larger farms with multiple users, allowing for greater team collaboration.

The Basic Plan ($29) allows for up to 5 users and 1,000 acres. The Pro Plan ($79) can have unlimited users and up to 5,000 acres. An Enterprise Plan features an unlimited amount of users and acreage and offers all features that come with the Pro Plan. Enterprise pricing details are available by contacting FarmLogs.

“We believe so strongly in helping farmers around the world become more profitable and more efficient that we decided it’s time to introduce a totally free way to use FarmLogs,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “As part of our ongoing commitment to growth and constant improvement, we’ve also just launched several innovative features that our customers have requested.”

New Features:
• Field Rainfall Monitoring is a rainfall tracking feature that displays field-specific rainfall
levels for the most recent 12- and 24-hour periods as well as eight years of historical
precipitation data without gauges. (Included in the Basic, Pro, and Enterprise Plans)
• RainAlert is a mobile feature that sends users a pop-up alert on their mobile device detailing
the exact amount of time before rain hits and how heavy the precipitation will be. (Included in
the free Android and iOS mobile apps)
• Automatic Crop History automatically displays crop history for all entered fields for the past
five years including county average yield data. This allows farmers to make more informed
decisions regarding crop rotation. (Included in all plans)


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